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Purple Sheep Ranch


Welcome to the Purple Sheep Ranch.


We have affectionately named our little farm the Purple Sheep Ranch. It may not be a ranch in the true sense of the word, but we wanted to pay homage to our Texas roots. The purple sheep represents the uniqueness in all of us. All too often, the world can feel very black and white and those of us who don't quite fit into that mold can sometimes feel like outsiders.  We sometimes forget that each of these idiosyncrasies are what make all of us so special. I'm forever telling my kids to embrace their differences and be that purple sheep. 

When we bought our little farm, I had a vision for a ranch which embodies the spirit of the purple sheep, creating a space for each of my kids to be themselves and stand out from the herd. 

We look forward to the many adventures that lie ahead for us, and we hope that all of our fellow purple sheep will enjoy following our journey.

- Sara Thompson

(a self-professed and life-long purple sheep)



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